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Philosophy Results

Here is an Example of the Results of good team work and adding value for a client looking to purchase a new office location. Although the search began right away we accessed the real needs of the client. In learning more about what they were looking for in this new space we realized there needed to be 2 additions to our team during the vetting process of locations: an architectural firm, and construction company.
The joint teamwork and experience lead to a seamless decision process. The client purchased a site for redevelopment to an office building. Within 6 months of closing on the property the redesign and move
was complete.

The key take away: Knowing the right players to ensure the best investment!

Sports and Business Philosophy

In order to be a good consistent competitor/winner over the long term you have to practice, work hard and
follow the rules of the game. Someone else said it and I believe it: “Attitude determines altitude.”

Small Real Estate Company vs. Large Real Estate Company

Small companies have the ability to be flexible, very responsive and attentive to the client’s needs.