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Benefits of Supporting Non-Profits

Give Employees a Cause to Get Behind

By Supporting a non-profit, you build a culture of caring, showing your employees that you care about more than your bottom line in your business.

Support a Good Cause and Get Tax Breaks

An obvious side effect of non-profit giving is the tax breaks that it provides. Help the community, help the cause – help yourself!

To Give Back to the Community

If your organization is active within the local community, being involved in non-profits is a great way to show your community support. Consider seeking board positions for high ranking officials within your organization.

Provides Positive Public Relations

Who doesn’t love good press? Being involved with non-profits in your business provides a positive outlook for your company’s charitable and philanthropic ventures. Sponsoring their events also provides advertising opportunities while building community trust.

Making the Most of your Charitable Dollars

A dollar within a for-profit corporation is different from those within a non-profit. They are experts at stretching their dollars, and are able to do so due to their tax breaks and community relationships. Even small amounts donated on behalf of your organization will go further than you realize.







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