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Considering Office Space in Montgomery County?

Considering Office Space in Montgomery County?

Is your business considering new office space in Montgomery County, PA?  If you have not does so already there are a few things you can do before you start hunting for properties. First things first.

Assess and summarize your current use of office space. 

Here are a few topics and ideas you may want to consider when choosing to look for new office space. This will help guide you to what you might need or want to look for that you may not have already considered.


Start with a basic list of PROS and CONS of your current office space. What do you like? What do you not like? How is the office layout? Where are the problem areas? Is the office layout conducive to the work environment and individual or team dynamics?


Do you plan to expand or downsize your staffing needs over the next 5 to 10 years? Although hard to predict a business usually knows based on sales projections and a working business plan when more staff, or production space will be needed.  This should be a strong consideration in finding new space to be sure that you can grow into it, or have the option to add more space, if or when needed.


Employees, Customers & Prospective Employees. Will your move affect your current employees commute? Will a move to another town improve visibility to prospective employees?


Are their tax consequences to the municipality you are, or would be, operating in? Not sure what the taxes are, or would, be in the municipality you are in, or interested in – that data is available and is something your commercial real estate advisor can provide for you. In other words the taxes of a particular location can make a difference in the location decision. An agent can gather and report on the types of taxes associated with a particular location: i.e. Occupational Privilege, Business Privilege, Earned Income, and Use and Occupancy taxes.

The above topics are a few of many that you will consider when looking for new office space. To make the process as efficient as possible knowing what you like and dislike, an open mind and a great commercial real estate broker, together you can find the perfect property to lease, rent or own!

Consider what Montgomery County, PA has to offer you, your business and employees for commercial real estate properties!

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