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The Coronavirus, the End of the Cycle, and U.S. Commercial Property Markets: Early Thoughts

Andrew Nelson, CRE, an independent real estate economist consulting and blogging at Nelson Economics, discusses the current economy and the impact that COVID-19 with have on the commercial real estate sector.

U.S. COVID-19: Commercial Leases – Rent Obligations in the United States

What should commercial landlords and tenants be doing right now in response to the COVID-19 crisis and looming rent payments?

Guidance for Rent Relief Requests and Other Commercial Real Estate Tenant/Landlord Issues

CCIM Institute Instructors have gathered some resources to help navigate potential issues among tenants, landlords, and lenders during the current pandemic. Watch the webinar below.


THE LIST: Paycheck Protection Program Documents

Although Seedcopa is not a direct lender of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), they are offering information to businesses across Pennsylvania and Delaware to be sure they are up to date and ready with information to apply for loan programs.

COVID-19 Small Business Toolkit

Seedcopa offers a small business resource page with information regarding loans, scams, unemployment, and more.

Three important questions to answer about US financial stabilization policies amid the coronavirus recession

The following three important questions are answered about U.S. financial stabilization policies in today’s financial and economic situation: Where do financial stabilization policies fit into the overall set of policy responses? What has been done so far? And what more needs to be done?