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Safe And Sanitized Workspace

Safe And Sanitized Workspace

In just a few weeks, the emergence of COVID-19 managed to change the way we live and work. Even though the virus continues to spread across the US and many organizations are moving to remote work, some companies still need their employees to be on-premise to do their job. 

This largely refers to the companies that work with sensitive materials or proprietary systems, where employees or shift workers have to be in the workplace. In this case, it is extremely important to adopt some safety practices that will keep the workplace healthy and sanitary.  

In this post, you will learn how to maintain a clean office during times when the world is going through this critical public health issue. 

Schedule Regular Cleaning and Disinfection Routines 

The spread of the novel coronavirus may seem unavoidable at present. However, a dependable cleaning and sanitizing routine at the workplace that is in sync with the CDC’s guidelines will significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided detailed instructions on how to keep workplaces clean and disinfected. You can also check out their list of EPA-approved disinfectants that are highly effective against the virus that’s causing this pandemic. 

Here is a general overview of these guidelines: 

Use disposable masks, gowns, and gloves for cleaning and disinfection. These disposable personal protective equipment must be discarded in the trash once used. 

A surface of an object should be cleaned before you disinfect it. This helps the disinfectant to be more effective in eliminating the coronavirus. 

If you don’t have access to EPA-approved disinfectants, you can use a mixture of water and household bleach as well.  

High-touch surfaces like common room furniture, doorknobs, toilets, light switches, sinks, elevator and elevator buttons, etc. must be cleaned and disinfected every day. 

Clean the Air Ventilation and HVAC Systems 

Sanitized Office SpaceWhen it comes to preventing the infection, improving the indoor air quality is as important as wiping down the commonly-used surfaces.  

Workplaces are home to several sources of air contamination, including viruses, mold, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (from furniture and cleaning chemicals). Poor ventilation makes the presence of these contaminants a lot worse. 

To maintain the indoor environment to remain in a perpetual healthy status, start focusing on ventilation and filtration systems that remove and filter pathogens. 

Consider using services such as Edifice Rx that can engage their Industrial Hygienist to assist you in minimizing COVID 19 risks, review the Indoor Air quality and complete an HVAC Hygiene Inspection of your office.The company also provides a virus detection service to determine whether there is a viral load present on a surface/object. So, if you’re looking for a pre-entry health and thermal screening service for your company, Edifice Rx can help.

Make Social Distancing in the Office Mandatory 

Companies that require on-premise employees should make sure their employees are practicing social-distancing at all times. Here is how to achieve this: 

  • Set flexible hours and shift to limit who comes into the office and when. Use A/B shift system to accommodate for limited workstations and cleaning schedules.  
  • Put up partitions between social spaces and desks, and update seating arrangements accordingly. 
  • Either keep visitors to a minimum or prohibit them altogether unless absolutely necessary. Forbid personal packages to be delivered to the office.   
  • Upgrade the office entry to be touch-less. There are many systems in the market that allow the employees to enter into a building using just their phones. 

Follow This if You are Back in the Office

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of new challenges, especially for businesses that are looking to reopen. Employers as well as managers may feel a sense of urgency to get their business back to normal ASAP; it’s vital to understand that things can’t go back to “normal”. 

To make sure the employees and workers feel safe to return and resume their jobs, some key steps need to be taken. This includes ensuring the facility is fully clean, disinfected, and well-equipped to maintain safe conditions.  

It’s recommended to create a plan for a safe and healthy work environment that protects employees and customers alike from exposure and transmission of COVID-19. 

Here are a few simple ways employers can help in keeping their workplaces safe from the risk of coronavirus: 

  • Hire professional cleaning and disinfecting service providers on a regular basis to reduce the risk of viruses and other contaminants in the workplace.
  • Make hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes easily accessible to everyone, especially in the common areas and near high-touch surfaces. Also make sure that everyone knows how to use them effectively.  
  • Try to reduce your reliance on touch-based amenities like light switches or keypad door entry systems. Instead, go for touch-less systems such as motion sensor lights, digital entry systems, and double-swinging push doors.  

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If you are reopening your business and want to make sure your employees and visitors are protected, you may need to discuss with your Landlord changes to existing janitorial services or building operations to minimize disease transmission. 

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