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Finding Office Space in Philadelphia

Finding Office Space in Philadelphia

Whether you are from the Philadelphia region, or not, when it comes to searching for commercial real estate office space it is not as easy as hopping on the web to do a search.  Leasing or purchasing space needs to be seen as an investment with the opportunity for your business to grow, or make changes, without having to sell/move again for maybe a 3,5, 7+ year period.  Some of the obvious options for leasing commercial offices space are located in Center City Philadelphia, which is well known for its skyscrapers with amazing views. But what about finding the right solution for your actual needs long term. How do you know you are seeing all the opportunities that can meet your criteria? How do you know which Landlord’s are a little more motivated, maybe due to a higher vacancy, or another project they want to start? Sometimes the property is off the beaten path, or in a location you would not have thought of on your own, or there is a sublease space with little market exposure. That is where your commercial real estate agent comes to the rescue!  With access to information on the agents for the buildings and data on what is available, but an understanding of regulations, and extras you may not consider.

Here is a list of some of the more prominent real estate office buildings.  The question is will the space meet your immediate needs, budget, and the unexpected changes that may happen. Talk to a commercial real estate agent today to find the best office space for your business.


Mellon Bank Center – 1735 Market Street (1990) Philadelphia, PA 19103

Two Liberty Place – 1601 Chestnut Street (1990) Philadelphia, PA 19102

Comcast Center – 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd. (2007) Philadelphia, PA 19103

One Liberty Place – 1650 Market Street (1989) Philadelphia, PA 19103

Three Logan – 1717 Arch Street (1990) Philadelphia, PA 19103

Cira Centre – 2929 Arch Street (2006) Philadelphia, PA 19104

Two Logan Square – 100 N. 18th Street (1988) Philadelphia, PA 19103


Here is a neat video on Cira Centre

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