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Office Space that Works Harder and Smarter??

Office Space that Works Harder and Smarter???

Just read the news in Natalie Kostelni’s article in the Philadelphia Business Journal about Tony Colciaghi designing office space that “works harder and smarter” for the law firm, Ballard Spahr. I have never had the opportunity to meet Tony but his comments make a lot of sense when it comes to the trend often referred to as shrinking office space in corporate real estate. Apparently on the lease renewal in 2012 there was a significant reduction in the office size of about 34,500 SF in a building with floor plates of about 22,500 +/- SF, the Mellon Bank Building. Beautiful office building built around 1998.

According to the news piece in the fall of 2012 Ballard Spahr signed an 18 year lease for about 189,481 square feet reducing the previous office size by about 34,500 SF +/-. Tony an architect with Francis Kaufman continues his comments by saying “We have to stop thinking it’s all about space reduction. It’s really not. It’s about giving people the right amount of space to do what they do… Before Ballard Spahr…..but the space is working a lot harder for what they do everyday……The space just works a lot harder and smarter.” Hurrah to Tony for his success in designing Ballard Spahr’s office renovations, and for his insights into the recent trends in office design. Congratulations to Ballard Spahr for successfully renewing its lease and living through the renovations.

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