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Philadelphia Welcomes Century 21 Department Stores

During the Philadelphia Business Journal Breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe Natalie Kostelni interviewed Eddie Gindi of Century 21 Department Store.  If you are from northern NJ or NYC chances are you have heard of or shopped at a Century 21. Philadelphia will now have its first location as the company expands outside the Metro NYC area as of October 28th 2014 at The Gallery on 821 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.

During the interview by Natalie we heard Eddie say how, ‘Century 21 listens, watches and pays attention to what the consumer wants and likes.’ It sounds like they deliver especially with discounts of 40-65% off. Understanding his customers, or as they call them ‘guests’, it is about the fashion and value. Their model offers fashion at a discount. Their stores are always evolving, the focus is on giving the customer what they want in the product and the store layout and design.

Eddie, like his father, is focused on giving back to the community. It sounds like they are here to stay as Eddie revealed their space is about 100,000 square feet and its is not a ‘short term’ lease.

PREIT reached out to Century 21 regarding anchoring The Gallery.  Eddie said they saw the location in Philadelphia as a chance to service the customers and it was close enough yet far enough to be a whole new market for the Department Store. He enjoys the historic value of Philadelphia and the increase trending for local tourism.

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