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Renegotiating a Commercial Lease

Renegotiating a Commercial Lease

When renegotiating your lease it can be very helpful to have an objective, conflict free, tenant representative on your side. The tenant rep will have the appropriate knowledge and experience to balance the scales in your favor during the renegotiation with your landlord. They will also disclose who they represent in the potential lease renewal. And after reviewing your current lease and also current market conditions they can estimate, whether or not the prices in the market indicate the current lease rate is above market or in line with the market.

The upper hands that most landlords have when coming into a renegotiation of a lease are an astute knowledge of the office market and the understanding of the real cost of changing/moving offices. By bringing a tenant rep into the equation to represent you, you can be educated on the right assumptions to use, realistic assumptions concerning the cost of an alternative location, and have someone in your corner who knows the market as well as the landlord, if not better. Through their help you are more likely to get the landlord to sharpen their pencil to the greatest degree on the rent and any needed improvements. Negotiating a lease renewal is a process and an experienced professional can guide you through and assist in managing the transaction. A key ingredient to success is identifying and obtaining written lease terms from substitute locations.  As we said it is a process and it takes an investment of your time and the Tenant Broker’s time. But can result in saving a company a lot of $$$ in annual fixed operating costs.

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