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3 Reasons You Should Move Your Company To Philadelphia

3 Reasons You Should Move Your Company To Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is on the rise as its business sector booms with growth. With lower rents then its neighboring big cities of New York and D.C. yet still close by proximity, Philadelphia is quickly becoming a powerhouse player for businesses to call home. Call a Philadelphia Commercial Realtor or Tenant Rep to help you move your business to this bustling city.

3 Reasons why you should move your company to Philadelphia

Rent costs are cheaper

Sylvie Gallier Howard, the First Deputy Commerce Director for the Philadelphia Commerce Department, told NBC 10 Philadelphia News in August of 2018 that the same amount of space in New York City would likely cost three times what it would cost in Philadelphia. And with rent being one of the key fixed costs for a business, this is an extremely important factor to consider, especially for small businesses. Hiring a tenant rep can help you find the right location and negotiate the best commercial lease for your business.

The city is growing

Philadelphia has already begun to boom with the arrival of the tech industry and more and more college graduates deciding to stay, as Joshua Davidson explained in an article for StartupGrind. With less competition than other major cities, Philadelphia is attracting recent grads. Davidson wrote that in 2015, Philly Magazine reported a 41.2% growth in millennials during 2006-2014, many of whom are searching and ready for work. The city itself offers incentives for startups and entrepreneurs, as well. One such program is Jump Start Philly, exempting new businesses from certain taxes and fees. A licensed Philadelphia real estate agent who works with Corporate Tenants and Buyers of commercial real estate can help streamline this process and make your move to Philadelphia as smooth as possible.

Philadelphia is central to other locations

In addition to being home of Philly cheesesteaks and lots of U.S. history, this rich and diverse city is central to other major East Coast cities, allowing its denizens to arrive in New York City, Washington D.C. or Baltimore in less than two hours. With lower rents, Philadelphia in spite of its U&O tax, and its suburbs can be the perfect location for your business outside those major cities yet still within easy driving distance to each. A Philadelphia Commercial Realtor or Tenant Rep can help you pick a location within the city that is best for your company’s needs.

With lower rents, a business-friendly environment, entrepreneur/startup incentives and a central location, Philadelphia is the perfect city to move your business to.  There are also areas designated as Federal Opportunity Zones in the city and suburbs. Call a qualified commercial real estate professional today to begin to discuss the possibilities!


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Philadelphia’s Changing Skyline

A city is defined by it’s skyline.

The image of a city’s skyline goes on everything from t-shirts to coffee cups to paintings.  It helps establish the identity of a city and it’s people.  But skylines are always changing, especially here in Philadelphia.

I’m sure when you think of the Philly skyline a few major images come to mind, the distinct silhouette of William Penn on the top of City Hall, the massive boxy outline of the Comcast Center, the matching points of One and Two Liberty Place.

Later this year the Comcast Technology Center will open and the skyline will once again change forever.  It will be the tallest building in the city at 1,121 feet tall, the other Comcast Center was previously the tallest since 2008.

City Hall was actually the tallest building all the way up until 1987 when Liberty Place was built.  And so the Curse of Billy Penn began and no Philadelphia sports team was able to win a championship for decades.  The curse only ended in 2008 when a small figurine of William Penn was placed at the top of the new Comcast Center.  I wonder if Comcast has any plans to put a new figurine on top of the upcoming Technology Center upon completion.

Skylines just like cities are always changing and I’m interested to see how the Philadelphia skyline develops and grows in the coming decades.  takes incredible photos of the Philly skyscrapers through the use of a drone.  The drone allows them to capture a variety of angles that most people wouldn’t have the chance to see otherwise.  Below are a few of my favorite shots he has gotten so far.




This post was created in honor of June being National Skyscraper Month and the inspiring history of the Philadelphia skyline.

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